Information Technology

Castle's Factory Loading and Planning System

Castle's Factory Loading and Planning System.

Award Winning IT

Castle's bespoke Information Technology Systems have a growing reputation in industry as something very special. Built with a singular focus over more than a decade period, the system integrates every aspect of the business into one unified core.

Customers visiting our facility are always impressed with the high levels of system integration and ease of information retrieval.

For more information on Castle's industry leading IT, please see the linked case study or one of the manytestimonials from respected leaders in industry.


Over the years I have worked with hundreds of engineering companies, in the UK and overseas, but nowhere have I seen a better or a more comprehensive management information system than the one designed entirely in-house and operating at Castle Precision Engineering.

Their fully integrated system delivers, in real time, a level of quality and accuracy of information, at the point of use, that enables operatives and managers to make vital decisions about the performance of key processes in order to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. The system truly covers all aspects of the business with a high degree of automation and both traceability and accountability at every level.

The system provides Castle with a unique competitive advantage that manifests itself in driving down costs and delivering and advanced engineering product to the required budget, on time and to the highest quality level – thus ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, repeat business and a significant return on investment.

Dr John Moon - Blue Moon Consultants

In my role as Director A|D|S Scotland and Northern Ireland, I routinely visit many engineering companies, both large and small. In my opinion Castle Precision Engineering’s in-house designed bespoke IT infrastructure system far exceeds anything I have witnessed at other facilities and sets the standard against which the rest of manufacturers should benchmark. Nothing is left to chance, full traceability of tools, material, components and processes from receipt of material to despatch of high added value components is instantly accessible and continual real time monitoring of the slightest trend in deviation to drawing is captured before damage is done.

Ian Watson - Director of A|D|S Scotland and Northern Ireland

On my visit to Castle Precision Engineering company, besides the key focus of people make it work methodology I was most impressed with the IT systems that had been incorporated into the business.

Not only did it provide the business with complete transparency, it joined all of the functions together as one unified system and removed much of the noise and bureaucracy we find in many of the convoluted systems on the market today.

It allowed key people right at the cutting edge of the process, the operators, to have an electronic means to monitor their own processes providing instant feedback for any quality areas for improvement.

This being linked to the engineering and logistic strands of the organisation allowed for real time data for instant improvements.

It was a system that at its core allowed the business to operate with instant direct feedback loops throughout the organisation within every key function.

It was visual, transparent, simple and effective with all of the key elements of Customer Delivery, Quality, Cost with people as its core value linked and aligned with every function having the same message, measures for success and focus throughout.

Very impressive indeed.

Manufacturing Manager, Aerospace Company

Thank you for highlighting yet another instance where your computer system has discovered a discrepancy between a drawing and cad model supplied to you for manufacture, in this case... (Unable to disclose detail)

As a result of the above I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Castle Precision for having such a user friendly yet “futuristic” computer system whose functionality displays a great understanding of what is actually required from in-house to customer requirements and is a credit to the company and in particular the individuals involved for having the vision and drive to conceive and implement such a system. I can hand on heart say it stands head and shoulders above all other operating systems I have viewed in all my years of visiting sub-contractors. Having a dedicated home grown operating system designed specifically for the needs of Castle Precision and their customers and not bogged down with all the un-needed add-ons that bought systems proliferate with must give it clarity of function and directness most companies could only dream of.

Senior Procurement, Defence Company

As the Director General for the Manufacturing Technologies Association I see so many companies talk about implementing integrated systems, but few succeed the way Castle has. There is a seamless link between people, activity and the real time system that has been developed throughout the whole company.

Graham Dewhurst - Director General of The MTA


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