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Castle, which was founded in 1951, is still a family business with all the business values that implies; explicitly Loyalty, Honesty and Application. In practice this means that many Castle employees start as apprentices and dedicate their whole working life at Castle until their retirement, or indeed beyond. This outlook is not purely altruistic but based on the common sense observation that with time, comes experience and skill. So when one of our experienced engineers asks to stay on after retirement, given that there are no health issues, we are delighted to say yes, often asking these people to perform a training role.

The family business culture extends to our relationships with suppliers and customers.  We do not believe it is possible to treat one group badly and one group well, you have to be consistent in your outlook which means you have to treat employees, customers and suppliers in an identical manner, which is to say honestly and fairly.

The company believes you cannot stand still. You are either going forwards or backwards. Every day you stand still, you age a little, and the machinery wears a little, so in order to progress you need to be constantly improving, constantly investing, and constantly learning. Only by doing so can you grow. We feel it is important to grow the business in order to provide opportunities in new areas and career advancement. In a growing business there are new opportunities and challenges for those with the ambition to take them up, without which you lose your brightest and best.

Also central to our beliefs is that companies have a social responsibility and as part of that obligation to the community we provide training to school leavers in the form of the Modern Apprenticeship. About 20% of the work force are apprentices and it's important to understand that apprenticeships have been part of the Castle culture from it's very inception. The proof of this is the fact that most of the senior staff from the Production Manager to the Project Engineers and Foreman are ex Castle apprentices. These people are exceptionally skilled, fiercely loyal and intensely focussed in taking the company forward in every aspect of our operations.

Our success is not accidental, but founded on a strong and vibrant culture which is going from strength to strength.


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Castle Precision are a high quality turnkey supplier of complex machined components and assemblies to leading multinational customers in the high tech sectors of Europe and North America.

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Castle’s 60 for 60 is a series of activities, events and initiatives to celebrate our 60th Anniversary and mark our commitment to customers, staff, suppliers and the community.

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Castle is able to offer a comprehensive solution to all of your machining requirements and has a sustained programme of investment into the latest machine tool technology.

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