Community & Social Responsibility

Since the industrial revolution companies and entrepreneurs alike have recognised their social responsibilities. Companies provide young adults with a work ethic, a sense of purpose, a sense of self worth and a creative focus for their energy. At the same time early business tycoons were exceptionally philanthropic, often donating their entire fortune to the nation.  The generosity of Scottish entrepreneurs such as Burrell and Carnegie left a legacy to the nation with Galleries, Buildings and Artwork of inestimable value. Today it is individuals such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who are giving many tens of billions of dollars to alleviate third world poverty and disease.

Our Commitment

Although we are not on their scale, we believe we have a social duty, and each year, where it is prudent, we support and donate to a variety of charities and causes. If every SME does the same, then together we can have a major impact.
Castle focuses its efforts on three main areas:

The next generation

  • Development of young people
  • Inspiring young people to get involved in engineering
  • Creating a positive image for engineering

Supporting our local community

  • Supporting local schools, colleges & universities
  • Supporting the local community
  • Improving the look of our community
  • Supporting the efforts of our employees

Supporting the environment and wildlife

  • Supporting the Inti Wara Yassi animal refuge
  • Total commitment to our 14001 (Environmental Standard) and 50001 (Energy Management Standard) programmes

We believe that a combination of supporting our partners in their endeavours as well as pursuing our own will be more successful in making a difference to these challenges. As such Castle has been involved with several organisations and projects.

Our Projects


semta-largeSemta is an organisation we work very closely with. A large part of Semta’s remit is about inspiring young people to get into engineering and the Company was recently given the opportunity to support this.

For the last few years Semta has been providing schools and air cadet squadrons with mechanical and electronic kits for assembly into radio controlled robots. Every year, teams of young people come together to compete in tournaments for a challenging and enjoyable project that promotes engineering and develops skills such as metalworking, basic electronics, project management and teamwork. Castle was able to assist in this project by manufacturing the axles for the kits at zero cost.

The Company was thanked for its contribution and in general Castle is looking to be more involved in these kinds of projects.

LTS - Learning + Teaching Scotland

Learning + Teaching ScotlandIn 2010, Castle assisted LTS in developing a careers advice video to go into every school in Scotland. The video was designed to promote engineering and specifically manufacturing.

Over a 3 day period Castle’s usually camera shy employees helped to demonstrate: CAD/CAM, maths in engineering, CMM measurement and programming, the modern apprenticeship programme and a general look into a career in manufacturing.

EDT - The Engineering Development Trust

go4set-largeIn 2011, Castle Precision supported EDT’s Go4Set 10 week programme.Go4Set is a work related learning scheme programme for 12-14 year old pupils, designed to stimulate an interest in science, engineering and technology (SET) at a key stage in their education.

Over a 10 week period Castle’s Facilities and Maintenance Mangers acted as mentors giving support and guidance for Knightswood S1 pupils in their project to design an Eco Classroom.

The pupils visited Castle’s facility to observe some real life eco initiatives in action and to see how they could apply best practice to their design.

Go4SET website.

St Raymonds

straymonds-largeSt Raymonds is a local school for disabled children. In 2010, Castle employees raised £832 for the school which was matched by our MD to raise £1664.

The project was in a large part down to Castle’s Production Manager. In addition, our Production Manager organized an Easter Egg box to be gifted to the children. The cardboard box which had been bare was painted with a mural by another dedicated individual on nightshift. Castle plans to send a number of volunteers to paint the school.

Anniesland College

Anniesland CollegeAnniesland College has been a Castle training partner for the last 13 years, through out which they have developed significantly. The Manufacturing HNC they provide with the current facilities is among the best in the country and we are currently working with key persons at Anniesland with regards to the HND and potential Degree programmes.

The Company endeavours to support its partners where it can and through the years Castle has donated many tools and equipment for the benefit of education. Recently a manual Mitutoyo CMM which was due for auction was gifted to Anniesland College. The CMM has been positioned in the college workshop and we are pleased to be able to say, that this will provide students with another avenue to explore and learn.

The Inti Wara Yassi Foundation

intiwarayassi-largeOne such charity to have benefited from our donations is the Inti Wara Yassi organisation who provide the only animal refuge in Bolivia, helping to preserve some of the country’s most endangered species including the animals in the video clip above. A Company Director recently did volunteer work for the charity, helping to look after injured and abused animals that had been rescued by the organisation.

Without the donations of volunteers and ex-volunteers from around the world, this non profit making NGO could not be a sanctuary to so many animals.

If you wish to find out more, or even donate, please visit their web site and help support our rainforests and wildlife.

Glenboig Boys Football Club


Glenboig FC is a local boys football club. The club is part run and managed by one of our employees. The club does much of its own fundraising to pay for tours and transport. In 2011 Castle supported the team by purchasing a brand new strip for their Holland tour.

"Castle Precision, the coaches and Boys of Glenboig United under 13’s would like to thank Castle Precision for sponsoring a new set of strips.

The strips were put to good use during the Easter Weekend when the team travelled to Holland to compete in the Easter Open Tournament.

The boys managed to finish in a very respectful second place, and the new white strips were a great benefit as it turned out to be an exceptionally hot weekend.

Once again thanks very much for your generosity.
On behalf of, Glenboig United.
Adam Clark (Coach)"

Finally our customers often ask us to assist with their own charitable events, we are happy to oblige by providing prizes for their fund raising efforts; together we can make a difference.


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