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  • semta - The Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies.

    Semta is an organisation we work very closely with. As well as being the main training body for STEM paths, a large part of Semta's remit is about inspiring young people to get into engineering. Sector Skills Council Semta has unrivalled experience in understanding the skills employers need to grow their business and improve performance. Semta's expert knowledge of skills management and development ensures it is ideally placed to support organisations to get the best return on their training investment. Semta is working with award-winning Castle Precision Engineering to train apprentices and develop them to higher levels in order to secure the essential skills required to keep Castle at the leading edge.


  • Imeche - The Institute of Mechanical Engineers

    Imeche Approval

    Imeche is an engineering institution with over 160 years of heritage and 80,000 members. The organisation focus on four principal themes: Energy, Environment, Transport and Education. The organisation has significant involvement in training and inspiring the next generation of engineers and helps to support business by bringing UK industry to the forefront of media.


  • A|D|S - The Aerospace, Defence & Securities Association

    A|D|S is the Premier Trade Organisation supporting the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries. Fanborough International Limited (FIL) which runs Fanrborough International Airshow, is a wholly owned subsiduary. Together with regional partners, ADS represents over 2,600 companies.Castle has been a member of the organisation since its merging and formation in 2009 and before which Castle was part of the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC). Through this industry body, Castle is involved in the SC21 programme, that aims to drive the UK supply chain to a globally competitive base. In 2010, Castle, sposored by its customer, Selex Galileo, became the first company based in Scotland to achieve an SC21 Award."ADS has enjoyed the relationship with Castle Precision Engineering since they became members in 2006. Castle Precision's position as the premier precision engineering company in Scotland, winning both the SME and the Manufacturer of the Year Awards in 2010, is a result of thier determination to be better than the best. We have seen this demonstrated in their enthusiasm to embrace SC21, thier wisdom in making significant investment in the best machining equipment in the market during a period of recession, thier policy of year on year high uptake of apprentices so as to position their company fit for purpose for the long term." More recently Castle also joined the ADS Toulouse Bureau where we will be working together to develop international business in Europe.


  • Mori Seiki

    Mori Seiki

    Castle Precision has more than 40 years of history with Mori-Seiki. The relationship goes back to the founders of both companies and today, more than halve of Castle Precision's major CNC machine tools, come from this partner. In addition, Castle sits on Mori-Seiki's Customer Advisory Council; a forum which allows key customers to feedback and guide future strategies and developments.


  • AMRC – The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre


    The world renowned AMRC in Sheffield is a global leader in metallurgy, manufacturing and engineering research. The organisation works closely with leading companies and Universities to develop and deliver the latest techniques in Composite manufacture, nuclear technology, forming technology and metal cutting.


  • EDT – The Engineering Development Trust

    The Engineering Development Trust is an independent charity running schemes to inspire and motivate young people to choose a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The EDT is the largest provider of STEM enrichment activities for the UK youth. Their range of work related learning schemes provide opportunities for 11-21 year olds to enhance thier technical, personal and employabillity skills through industry-led projects, industrial placements and specialised courses. The EDT help develop partnerships, build links between education and industry and help organisations reach talent. In 2011, Castle engaged with the EDT for the first time as a project running sponsor company for a local school. The 10 week Eco-classroom project was supported by Castle's Facillities and Maintenance Managers who provided site tours, classroom support and technical presentations.


  • Scottish Engineering

    Scottish Engineering positively promotes the Scottish manufacturing industry and its interests in the United Kingdom and in Europe. The organisation also provides high quality practical support in training, business improvement and employment.


  • The MTA – The Manufacturing Technologies Association

    The association formally known as the Machine Tool Association has been refocused and renamed as the Manufacturing Technologies Association. The society has always been one of political significance as one of its key roles has been to change policy and promote manufacturing within government.


  • University of Strathclyde Glasgow

    The University of Strathclyde is a leading technology university based in Glasgow, Scotland. This world renowned hub for top engineering graduates runs a series of programmes in conjunction with industry. The Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management is a multi-disciplinary research centre that provides leadership insight to advance the theory and practice of operations management. The university also runs the FutureSME programme which is designed to develop a new advanced model for European SME's to adopt as best practice. The 4 year EU Framework 7 project has 26 partners across 8 countries and aims to lead european SME's to a sustainable and globally competetitve platform. Castle Precision's IT system was selected for a case study that would demonstrate best practice. To support this national resource and the development of next generation of engineers, Castle hosts student factory visits in line with course units. Our involvement helps students to understand how engineering theory operates in real-world manufacturing. 


  • SMAS – Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service

    SMAS supports Scottish manufacturing companies to grow and become more competitive by helping them to improve their productivity and efficiency. This is achieved by providing a company with hands-on practical support from an experienced advisor who can support them on their CI journey.

    In particular SMAS is the approved SC21 training partner in Scotland. In conjunction with the sponsor company, SMAS have supported Castle Precision on their SC21 journey, helping them to achieve their Bronze status in 2010.

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